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A training provider water, wastewater and industry

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Link to Southeast Flier April 5th in Cambridge, Ohio

Link to Spring Session flier for Ashland, Ohio April 26th  Ashland Flier

11/28/2017 We will be doing spring training in Cambridge on April 5th 2018, and training in Ashland on April 26th, 2018.

10/24/17 We will be doing spring training in Cambridge again on April 5th of 2018. The class will consist of three O&M and three X contact hours for a total of six contact hours. Registration starts at 07:00 and the class usually ends at 3:00. Please click the link provided for a pdf copy of the flier. Flyer for Spring 2018 SE

08/24/17 It has came to our attention that one of the sessions we taught in Spring of 2016 (04/7/16 in Ashland) was expired when we taught it even though it was listed on the website. With this we are offering all that took the session a free on-line session for 1.0 contact hour if you need it for your contact hours or a refund of $10.00 let us know. We are sorry for this inconvenience to you.  Link to online sessions Online courses

We will be doing training again the in fall 2017, hope to see you there.
The training date for Cambridge SE will be October 5th 2017 (Thursday) please click link for PDF page   Flyer for Fall 2017 SE  PERRP bailed out so we will do Slips, Trips and Falls

The training date for Ashland NE will be October 26th 2017 (Thursday) please click link for PDF page Flyer for Fall 2017 NE  PERRP bailed out so we will do Slips, Trips and Falls Class registration starts at 07:00 and classes start at 07:30 sharp.
For more info email us at and we will get back to ASAP

11/21/2016 We added a new online session Electrical Online 1 contact hour O&M

11/08/2016 We are pleased to announce training next spring (2017) in both Ashland and Cambridge, Ohio

10/22/16 If you are experiencing problems with the new EPA online certification renewal with Training For You LLC’s sessions please email me what classes you took along with your core ID number and I’ll be glad to be sure you get credited for our sessions.

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Classroom and online sessions
Classroom training
Online training
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This link will show a pdf of training sessions in classrooms most are 1 hour sessions. 

This link is for a pdf listing of online classes most are 1-hour sessions.  Please let us know if you are interested in taking a online class.  Most of our online sessions are listed below.

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Online classes links
​These sessions are password protected, if you are interested in taking a session please contact us and we will send you a password by your email. All sessions unless marked are good for either water or wastewater. They will be O&M or X and for 1.0 contact hours. Upon completion of session you will receive a certicate of completion.  Cost per session $10.00 
​Please click picture for link to be forwarded to session.

  1. Electrical online
    This session covers basic electrical components, meters, and the electric work that we do everyday in our jobs at our plants.
  2. Backflow and Cross connection online
    This session covers backflow ad cross connections. We look at why its needed, basic equipment, maintenance of backflows and programs that we can use to inforce backflow prevention
  3. Confine Space Refresher online
    This session covers the dangers associated with confine spaces along with equipment that can protect us. This session is based on OSHA's requirements for confine spaces.
  1. Hazard Communication and GIS Session online
    This session coves the new GIS requirements as well as what's needed to make our jobs safer when working with chemicals in our plants.
  2. Fall Protection online
    This session covers fall protection. In our plants we use ladders, work around open holes, etc. This session covers them and other dangerous areas. his session is based on OSHA's Fall Protection Standards.
  3. Hand Tool Safety online
    In water and wastewater we use hand tools daily and take using them for granted. This session covers most tools we use and the dangers associated with them. A good tool use refresher for operators and maintenance men.